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Lose Weight, Feel Great, Love Every Bite!

Every spring we put out our popular “Lose 5 lbs in 2 Weeks Meal Plan” to help readers strip away the “winter insulation,” hit reset on their energy levels and feel

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Clean Eating4 min readFood & Wine
3 Ways with Cranberries
Cranberries are synonymous with sumptuous feasts, but it’s truly a bum rap to relegate this fruit – one of only a handful native to North America – to the holiday table. Packed with fiber and a good source of vitamin C, this berry can enhance both sw
Clean Eating1 min read
Back to Basics
On the move away from calorie counting: I love when people ask me this question because I believe when you eat the right foods, you don’t need to focus on calories and intuitive eating becomes second nature. That being said, the first step is to focu
Clean Eating2 min read
Build Your Pinterest-Worthy Platter
Elevate a simple combination of cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruit and crackers with a few creative presentation tricks. Build your own with this easy formula, or replicate ours, an eye-catching plant-based spread. 1. Select two or three bowls or rame