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renewed sense of purpose to my running. Whether that’s because I have upcoming races on my calendar to prep for, or because the finally warmer temperatures and blossoming trees make being in nature such a pleasure, I find the motivation tocontinued drive to race in “Unfinished Business” on page 56.

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Runner's World2 min read
The Inside Lane
CHEDDAR SCONES AND dirty water dogs might not sound like the best fuel for a long run, unless you’re Matt Allyn, RW’s features director. On a recent Saturday, I joined him and a few other friends for “Matt Takes Manhattan”—a loosely organized 50K run
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Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5
PRICE: $110 | TYPE: Trail WEIGHT: 9.9 oz (m), 8.0 oz (w) DROP: 8 mm FANS OF HORSE-RACING love a reliable mudder—a horse with a knack for laying down a great time despite mud and rain. True to its name, the Wildhorse 5 is what to reach for in sloppy c
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Why It’s Crazy Empowering To Run Shirtless
COMFORT IS A daily battle for plus-size runners. We layer with clothing to hide our bodies and we girdle ourselves underneath to minimize imperfections. We worry that our not-so-ideal bodies might offend any onlooker. But all we’re really doing is cr