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Why Indian TV makes sad and regressive shows like Naagin and Sasural Simar Ka

The science behind our entertainment industry.

Recently, at a get-together of friends, the topic of television programmes came up and we reminisced the golden era of television bit by bit with great love and awe. We spoke about classics on television and mournfully discussed how television has lost its charm and how we no longer watch any TV serials the way we used to during the good old days. Television has become a topic that generates a lot of criticism from us – the urban educated middle class that feels television has been reduced to an idiot box and the golden era of the medium is lost in the race for TRPs. But there is more to that.

If you observe TV shows from the last 15 years, you will notice a clichéd narrative. It almost always centres around a few identical characters, draped in expensive

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