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Lincoln Continental

nlike Europe’s luxury automakers (and Cadillac), Lincoln has long ignored the temptation to make its luxury sedans sporty. Lincoln stays in its posh lane with the new Continental, and its

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Tustin, We Have Liftoff
If had headers, they’d be glowing cherry red right now. If it had brakes, they’d be sizzling and billowing smoke. In fact, we should all take a cooldown lap while singing along to Prince’s “Little Red Corvette.” I tap out this monthly
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Starting From Zero
When I was 18, the keys to my freedom belonged to a Saturn Ion. Hey, stop laughing. I no longer had to depend on my dad’s CR-V or my mom’s Odyssey; I could go where I wanted without asking for permission to borrow a parental vehicle. And when you’re
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One Man, One Engine: Inside An Almost-sterile Assembly Line
The theory behind one person being the caretaker of a single engine as it rolls down the assembly line is not new. Performance-machine makers have experimented with it from time to time. But at AMG’s factory tucked into Affalterbach’s rolling hills n