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Formula 430 ASC

There’s a reason you and I go to boat shows, and it isn’t for the food or to enjoy some quiet contemplation. We go for the new debuts, sure, but sometimes I find myself gravitating as much, if not more, to the side-by-side comparisons of a fleet. Such juxtapositions tend to raise interesting questions: Why did they

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Power & Motoryacht3 min read
Sunreef 80
It seemed fitting that Sunreef Yachts announced, prior to the premiere of their flagship power cat at last year’s Cannes Yachting Festival, that construction had already commenced on hull number two, slated for tennis star and yachting enthusiast Raf
Power & Motoryacht5 min read
In Focus
The breeze carries the seafood smell that is so recognizable, it’s as though you taste it before it’s in your nostrils. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge rises mightily, reaching toward the half moon that bobs low on the horizon. Traffic marches across the b
Power & Motoryacht7 min read
The Wake Of History
Much of modern life goes by in a blur as we speed through our daily routine. But on the historic Erie Canal, a slower, quieter reality awaits. New York’s historic 525-mile-long canal system is many things: an analog engineering marvel, a living museu