Splendor in the Grass

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, WHICH MEANS IT WON’T be long before that little white ball starts sailing through the air, often in the wrong direction. I am speaking, of course, about the game of golf, which is a beloved and voluntary pastime for a lucky few, but for others like myself, a nightmare we are condemned to endure every now and then as part

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It’s a Fact
• Jane Greenwood, a go-to designer for periodperfect costumes, received a Lifetime Achievement Tony in 2014—three years before she finally won on her 21st nomination (for 2017’s The Little Foxes). • The Tonys debuted on national TV in 1967. The hosts
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On the Page
The two-time Pulitzer Prizewinning author turns his attention to the settling of the Northwest Territory in the late 18th century. McCullough focuses on the story of five pioneers, drawing upon their journals and letters to create a thrilling portray
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Hosts With The Most
2013: Neil Patrick Harris Goes “Bigger” Don’t be fooled by the beginning—an almost soporific parody of the musical Once. Harris broke out the Radio City–size razzmatazz soon enough. After a nudge-nudge jab at Motown’s Berry Gordy, he strutted with th