History of War


 In 1648 the local authorities of Oxfordshire demolished Banbury Castle on the orders of a parliamentary committee. The purpose of this act of vandalism was to prevent the fortification falling into the hands of royalist forces during the height of the English Civil War. Since the outbreak of hostilities in 1642, it had twice been conquered and held

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It is difficult to place exact numbers on the aircraft that took part in Operation Bodenplatte on both sides. Partly, this is due to records being lost and destroyed, and partly due to the size and complexity of the operation. In simple organisationa
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Author: Robert L. Richardson Publisher: Casemate Price: £25 The story of America’s Cold War aerial intelligence programme is both fascinating and important. Robert L. Richardson’s book takes us inside that story through an extensive series of interv
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Conquistadors, ‘Tlatoanis’ And A Translator
Born at Medellín in Estremadura, Spain, Cortés came from a family of minor nobility. Although he possibly trained as a lawyer at Salamanca he decided to become a soldier. He sailed to Hispaniola in 1506 before moving to Cuba in 1509 to become a gold