History of War


Source:   Devastation in London. The bombing affected people of all ages, but teenagers in the Blitz have often been overlooked  

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Along with the Battle of Britain and the evacuation of Dunkirk, the Blitz remains one of the most evocative symbols of the United Kingdom’s struggle to survive in 1940. British cities were relentlessly bombed by the Luftwaffe to damage

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Naval power enabled nations to build, develop and defend empires, projecting military might across the globe during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods. The fates of nations rested on the outcomes of great battles, and naval heroes set standards
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The Siege Of Lucknow
The city of Lucknow, located on the west bank of the Gumti River some 42 miles east of Cawnpore, was the capital of Oude province. The province itself had been annexed by the British East India Company only the year before the outbreak of the Indian
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Battle Of Lincoln
On 19 October 1216, King John died, leaving behind his son and successor, Henry III, who was only nine years old. The warrior-knight William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, was appointed Regent of the Kingdom. At the time, Marshal was around 70 years old.