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1560–1609 ENGLISH ARMY

In a period where English military glory was reserved almost exclusively for the navy, Vere stood out as one of the finest soldiers of his day. Having made an uncertain start to his career under the hapless Earl of Leicester, he quickly carved out a formidable reputation, earning a knighthood in 1588. Elizabeth’s strategy aimed to maintain the balance of power in Europe, and English forces fought alongside those of Maurice of Nassau in support of Dutch independence. It was a time of change on the battlefield (some historians see events of the period as nothing less than

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The National Army Museum is a hosting a commemorative exhibition about women’s courage, sacrifice and integration in the British Army Running until 20 October 2019, Rise of the Lionesses charts the major contribution that women have made to the Bri
History of War3 min read
Dewoitine D.520
The D.520 packed a 20mm cannon in the nose, firing through the propeller hub. Early D.520s suffered engine overheating problems, prompting a rapid redesign of the radiators. The 396 litres (87 gallons) main fuel tank coupled with two wing tanks gave
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Defending Against The Blitzkrieg
“Surely they don’t want to attack us,” the tank driver thought, observing the Polish cavalry from the safety of his Panzer III, “that would be madness.” But then, with the thunder of hooves, attack they did – according to one of many German propagand