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Slavery was a vital component of the sugar plantations in the British West Indies, and the abolition of slavery greatly reduced Britain’s

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The ‘Angel Of Death’
An SS officer and qualified doctor, Mengele was the chief camp physician of Auschwitz II (Birkenau) from 1943. He became notorious for conducting genetic research on human subjects with no regard for their welfare or safety. He experimented on twins
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Warships In The Age Of Sail
The warships of the world prior to the advent of steam power relied upon either the wind or on the muscles of oarsmen to power them forward. Within the relatively sheltered confines of the Mediterranean Sea, the war galley, propelled by banks of rowe
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Stridsvagn M/38 Tank
Most tanks in 1938-39 had vision slits cut into the armour plate. The advanced Stridsvagn m/38 tank used optical periscopes and vision ports with armoured covers that were fitted with bulletproof thick glass blocks to protect the driver’s eyes. The