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Source:   Norwegian SAR AW101 612 on a pre delivery test flight at the Yeovil Westland facility on the 10 May 2017  


The AgustaWestland AW101 was initially designated as the European Helicopter Industries (EHI) EH101 in the 1980s, following its early concept as a replacement naval anti-submarine warfare aircraft.

An international marketing study highlighted a requirement for a 30-seat helicopter, so European Helicopter Industries decided to redevelop the EH-101 into a multi-role aircraft. As a medium-lift helicopter, the aircraft would be able to meet the demands of utility, government and civilian corporations in the 1990s. An initial nine pre-production models were produced to demonstrate these potential configurations to the worldwide market.

A single AW101 was delivered to Indonesia in early 2017

The Royal Navy uses the AW101 Merlin in a variety of roles

With significant mid-life updates, the AW101 has become the most modern and advanced medium-lift helicopter available today. It is in service, production and in high

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