For Months, Panera Bread Website Reportedly Exposed Millions Of Customer Records

Panera's response was "half-baked," security analyst Brian Krebs said. Another researcher says he alerted the company to a "massive" flaw issue last August.
Panera Bread's website went down for part of Monday — eight months after the chain was warned that its site wasn't protecting sensitive customer data. Source: Joe Raedle

It started with a warning email last summer, from a security researcher who told Panera Bread that its website was exposing sensitive customer data. But after the problem went unfixed for months, the researcher went public with proof of the flaw. Another analyst said Panera's response was "half-baked."

"Originally I was content to wait eight months for Panera to fix this on their own," researcher Dylan Houlihan said in his story on the Medium website. "But this is ridiculous."

After the issue was flagged on Monday, Panera's website was taken down.

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