Build a complete backup system

atastrophic hard drive failures are exceedingly rare. However, bad sectors and read/write errors are surprisingly common. Most of the time, the error checking algorithms built into macOS will spot such glitches and compensate for them in the background without you evencurve ball, such as a power spike, a physical jolt, or fire or flood… The bottom line is, data loss or corruption is bound to happen sometime.

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Master the PHOTOS APP
A STRIKING NEW feature in Photos is the new tiled grid layout, which crops and arranges pics at varying sizes. This isn’t as prominent as you might expect, featuring mainly in the Days view, but there are various other ways to display your collection
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Garmin Dash Cam 66W
+ Strong video quality + Compact design + Easy to mount and remove - Runs a bit hot $249.99 From Garmin, Features 1.4m and 4m USB cables, 1440p HDR, 180–degree field of view. Around the size of a matchbox, the Garmin Dash Cam 66W is beauti
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Sonos launched its multiroom audio solution in 2002, utilizing a circle controller suspiciously similar to that of Apple’s crazy–popular iPod. Rather than unleashing its team of legal attack dogs, Apple responded in kind with the Sonos–esque AirTunes