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When Surfing Isn’t Enough
Sunny Garcia scares me. Always has. For one reason or another, when I was a young surfer in the early 1990s, I picked Sunny out of the constellation of hard-ass Hawaiians I could have feared to be the surfing boogeyman. Of course, I had nothing to fe
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Desert Point, Indonesia
“This particular day was as big as I’ve ever seen at Desert Point—the type of day where there are far more surfers on land mind-surfing the wave than there are in the water actually surfing,” says Ryan “Chachi” Craig, who snapped this absolute gem at
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Peter Schroff, 65
Style evolves because human beings are competitive. If you see that your buddy looks a little bit better than you, you’re going to try to outdo them, to look better than they do. It’s just how it is. Shapers used to be simple craftsmen who just wante