30 Blue-Chip Stocks With the Best Analyst Ratings

Volatile markets might keep you up at night, but long-term investors would do well to remember that they're also a chance to get high-quality stocks at bargain prices. Hey, any time blue-chip stocks go on sale, investors should be ready to pounce.

Wall Street analysts certainly think that way. The blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 4% in the first quarter of 2018. The broader Standard & Poor's 500-stock index lost nearly 3%, while the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite declined 2%. And the general retreat in share prices has analysts licking their chops over all the great buys to be found.

From financial services to the energy sector to tech stocks, brand-name companies with massive market values look like rock-solid buys, analysts say. To see which blue-chip stocks they love the most, we turned to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

S&P Global Market Intelligence surveys analysts' ratings on stocks and scores them on a five-point scale, where 1.0 equals "Strong Buy" and 5.0 means "Strong Sell." Any score of 2.0 or lower means that analysts, on average, rate the stock a buy. The closer the score gets to 1.0, the better.

After screening the S&P 500 for large-cap, blue-chip stocks with the best analyst scores, we came up with 30 companies. These are the buy-rated blue chips that Wall Street analysts love the most.

#30: Apple

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Market value: $870.6 billion

Dividend yield: 1.5%

Analysts' average recommendation: 2.0

Analysts cooled somewhat on Apple (AAPL, $171.61) after it posted weaker-than-expected sales of iPhone 8 and iPhone X during the holiday shopping season, but Wall Street's average view is still solidly bullish. Although the current crop of iPhones might not be runaway hits, the gadget remains wildly popular and gives Apple a powerful long-term edge.

Analysts at Canaccord Genuity note that there are currently 635 million iPhones in use around the globe. "This impressive installed base should drive strong iPhone replacement sales and earnings, as well as cash flow generation to fund strong long-term capital returns," say the analysts, who rate shares at "Buy."

#29: Accenture

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Market value: $96.4 billion

Dividend yield: 1.6%

Analysts' average recommendation: 1.97

Consulting services firm Accenture (ACN, $149.97) has been investing heavily in acquisitions in order to compete better with International Business Machines (IBM) and Cognizant (CTSH) in digital and cloud services, and it appears to be paying off. Revenue grew 15.2% in the quarter ended Feb. 28, its fastest rate in five years.

Accenture easily topped the Street's profit and sales estimates in the most recent quarter, but a drop in operating

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