Source: STEP ON UP The more steps a ladder has going below the waterline, the better it is.

When buying a boat, most boaters probably view the boarding ladder as an afterthought, if they notice it at all. Most probably don’t pay attention to it until the first time they’re trying to get back into the boat from the water. Maybe it’s not such a big

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Where Are They Now?
This month, you’ll find an exciting boating-adventure story on page 92. Penned by Peter Robson, it details a trip north to the Arctic Circle, along the treacherous, nearly trackless and ever-shifting Mackenzie River. Harbor hopping it ain’t. The vess
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Harris Solstice 250 Slec
Designing a pontoon boat has become a real “keep up with the Joneses” proposition. This segment evolves at a break-the-neck pace as builders continue to up the ante in performance, luxury and features. The all-new Harris Solstice 250 is an example of
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Scout 330 Lxf
Featuring Scout’s S-class twin-stepped hull, the 330 LXF offers the luxury of a larger boat. A curving sheerline and flaring bow leave little doubt as to this boat’s Carolina roots. It’s designed for twin Yamaha 425 outboards. The bow features an inv