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strengths and weaknesses, and it might take a new experience to push us out of our comfort zones and help us discover hidden talents. For me, it wasn’t until I entered (and won!) the USATF Mountain Running Championships in 2012 that I realized climbing uphill could be fun and that I was actually pretty good at it. What’s more, I realized

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Easy Runs Make Hard Running Easier
I didn’t plan for the run to suck. But it did. I was low on motivation—a common side effect of winter in Oregon, where it pretty much drizzles for seven months straight. And this late afternoon 5-miler was looking to be yet another chilly, puddle-jum
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Running Shades Are District Vision’s Jam
THE 2020 TOKYO Olympics will deliver on an eight-year mission for District Vision, arguably the first truly cool eyewear brand made for runners. Marathoners will dart down the streets of the city, and several will be wearing sunglasses specifically d
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VIDEO PRODUCER ANY THING THAT’S BEEN SAID ABOUT JOHN WICK CAN ALSO BE SAID ABOUT ME 1 / New Balance Performance Waist Pack $20 On days when I’m not lugging around my Camelbak, this is my go-to accessory. After my iPod Classic bit the dust, my phone b