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Trading Sex For Scoops Is Just Another Day At The Newspaper Office, According To Clint Eastwood And 'Richard Jewell.' It's The Oldest Movie Trick In The Book.
Movies make stuff up all the time. You have a problem with that? I don't. But I have a problem with movies handing us the same lazy, loaded, misogynist line over and over, in stories depicting craven female journalists who aren't quite human, let alo
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Commentary: If We Get To A Senate Impeachment Trial, Who Will Testify?
Now that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has charged her colleagues with the tasks of drafting and approving articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump - and assuming the House votes to impeach - our focus should shift to a discussion of what
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Eric Zorn: As The Number Of Abortions Continues To Fall, Support For Abortion Rights Is Soaring
Abortion is in decline. In a report issued last month, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the number of abortions among women ages 15-44 dropped by 24% in the most recent 10-year window for which they have data (2007 throu