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Strength isn’t a matter of using brute force or gritting your teeth. Rather, as these five women reveal, it’s a matter of following your passion and working hard to overcome challenges. They generally eat clean, natural diets, avoiding gluten or other problem triggers as appropriate, and tailoring food, exercise, and supplement regimens to their personal needs. And, they’re all enhancing the lives of others while taking care of themselves, a combination that continues to build strength and happiness.


“Joyful exercise not only works out your physical body but also contributes significantly to your mental well-being.”

“I believe that we’re all born with an inherent ability to create health and wellness,” says Laurie Steelsmith, ND (), a leading naturopathic doctor and author of and other books. And she’s dedicated to helping patients unleash that ability. “I love to see the huge transformations naturopathic medicine can bring to people’s lives,” she says.

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