What Kinds of Projects Do You Want to See More of in the Magazine?

Smartly designed, small—not tiny— homes. The world desperately needs this. Linda Foss

[Small houses are] exactly what Dwell needs. San Francisco is a case study in

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Dwell 3 min read
“First‚ never listen too much. I have two daughters‚ and naturally I tell them my point of view‚ but as you grow‚ you don’t have to listen to Papa and Mama anymore. In life and in design it’s the same. I love the word ‘culture.’ It represents your co
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The Power of Light
“Neuroscience shows that all the things that ignite the senses—art, scents, music, design—actually have a positive effect on you on a cellular level,” says Ivy Ross, vice president of design for hardware products at Google. “Of course, I know that as
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Room to Create
Kim Schoen is used to thinking outside the box, but when rising rents prompted the artist to give up her workspace in L.A.’s Chinatown, she didn’t imagine the replacement would turn out to be literally in her own backyard. That is, not until designer