How to hold yourself accountable

made a pact with a friend, coworker or spouse to hold each other accountable for reaching a goal, you know the struggle is real. While some accountability partners are a match made in heaven, others can be flaky, bossy, unrealistic or even toxic. But truly, if you’re looking for that one magical person who will change your life,

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Plastic By The Numbers
1▸ PET or PETE Polyethylene terephthalate is benign unless heated or scratched, in which case it could leach chemicals into food and beverages. It is used in many water and juice bottles and is recyclable. 2▸ HDPE High-density polyethylene is used to
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Magic Mushrooms
at first glance, mushrooms might seem unimpressive, but apparently they are the new “it” food and are good for more than just mealtime. “Mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries,” says Bart Wolbers, MS, researcher at Nature Build
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Meet 5 Women Who’ve Got The Fit Factor
Think you have what it takes? Send your story to futureottitness@oxygenmag.com. Oakville, Ontario, Canada Stats: 34 • 122 lb • 5’6” Gig: Business owner ▸ From Fit to Fatigued. Karrie-Ann Lowry was a hip-hop dancer and athlete throughout high school a