Is your diet rock-solid?

most people focus on the big players in the vitamin and mineral game — E, D, B, magnesium, calcium and the like. However, it might just be the little guys that can ultimately help you achieve your goals.

Case in point: the trace minerals iron, zinc and copper. This trio is essential for helping the body transport oxygen, repair muscle and

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Helpful Hints
Heat up your irksome area. If you touch an areawhere you have alot of fat, you mightnotice that it’s colder. This is becausefat deposits havevery low bloodflow. One studyhypothesized that bymaking a fatty areaphysically warmer, therefore increasingbl
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Midnight Munchies
Whether you’ve stayed up later than normal or are simply having a hungry day, snacking later in the evening won’t disrupt your fat-loss intentions, so long as your snack is small(ish) and protein-based. New research from Florida State University foun
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Triple-threat Tia
it’s hard to imagine that Tia-Clair Toomey — three-time consecutive CrossFit women’s champion — once strived to be a skinny girl with no muscles. But at the time, that is what she considered normal. “I faced body issues,” admits the 26-year-old Austr