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Rachel Weisz takes matters in her own hands in her film 'Disobedience'

NEW YORK - It is only 10 a.m., but already the news is everywhere: Rachel Weisz is pregnant.

When she opens the door to her office in the East Village, the story has been out for just a couple of hours but has nonetheless generated a slew of headlines online, many of which question how "acceptable" it is for a 48-year-old woman to be having a baby. (There are no such headlines about Weisz's husband, Daniel Craig, 50.)

"I haven't really looked," the actress says, brewing a cup of tea in the kitchen. She has been in this office for about five years. It looks like an apartment, basically, with a nice view of the city skyline and a fancy printer.

But it was here that she pulled together the lesbian drama "Disobedience," which opened last Friday to strong reviews and is

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