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This Science-Backed Secret to Overcoming Stress Is One You Wouldn't Expect

Stressed Woman

This is why fewer women say they are stressed.

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The midlife crisis has its name for a reason—a wealth of research has suggested that midlife is a strenuous time for women. But, now, a new study shows that women actually report experiencing less stress and enjoy a higher quality of life between the ages of 42 and 53.

Elizabeth Hedgeman, a doctoral graduate of the School of Public Health found that perceived stress—a measure of , control and ability to cope with life's stressors—actually decreased for most women over a 15-year span, and and depression) wasn't even a factor. Hedgeman collected data from more than 3,000 women of the aforementioned ages for the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation. She explored the effects of age, menopausal status and sociodemographics on stress over time.

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