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Attorney Emmet Flood, well-versed in White House scandals, takes Trump as a client

WASHINGTON - As a postdoctoral fellow in 1988, Emmet Flood burnished his academic credentials when International Philosophical Quarterly published his lengthy paper on "The Confessions of St. Augustine," the 13-volume, deeply introspective autobiography of the early Christian saint who saw himself as a sinner.

"God cannot be persuaded by rhetorical appeals," Flood wrote. "He already knows the 'facts' of Augustine's case; and furthermore, He has perfect knowledge of all the possibilities of their presentation."

Flood may find solace in that perspective as President Donald Trump's newest lawyer. He joins a White House under siege from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's investigation into Russian political interference, and a legal team buffeted by resignations and a shoot-from-the-id client.

There's also a potential threat from

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