Looking For Ways Help The Environment? This Book Has 500 Places To Start

For example, you could try emptying your dryer lint with every use, avoiding leather car seats or keeping your phone on low-power mode.
"Simple Acts to Save Our Planet," by Michelle Neff. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

Emptying your dryer lint with every use, avoiding leather car seats, keeping your phone on low-power mode — all are ways to help protect the environment, according to Michelle Neff, author of “Simple Acts to Save Our Planet.” The book is filled with hundreds of simple — and some not-so-simple — actions that can reduce waste, bolster animal and insect populations and lower energy consumption.

And while Neff (@michellevegan) concedes most people won’t take all the steps included in the book, she tells Here & Now‘s Robin Young that choosing even a few of the suggestions, and understanding why they make a difference, is a great start.

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6 Ways You Can Be Friendlier To The Environment

1. Consider alternatives to single-use plastic straws

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