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Finseeker 220 Center Console
The Finseeker 220 Center Console is the first of a new line of saltwater fishing boats by Crownline Boats of southern Illinois. Skeptics would query, “What does an Illinois luxury runabout-maker know about saltwater fishing?” Our tests revealed the c
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1. You want to cover your boat for the winter. What is the best way to do it? A. Buy a shrink-wrap kit, including heat gun and propane tank/hose, and do it yourself. B. Pay a professional to shrink-wrap your boat, paying close attention to support an
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Building A Sterndrive Lower-unit Service Stand
Once detached from a marine engine, a sterndrive or outboard lower unit is unwieldy and heavy, making repairs and storage awkward at best. Some boaters use bench vises to grip the skeg and keep lower units upright while undertaking work, but this is