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Container Farm

Los Angeles startup Local Roots retrofits 40-foot-long shipping containers, turning them into “TerraFarms” that yield as many leafy greens as five acres of farmland—only faster, using as

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One State’s 50-Year Bet on Data Centers
Ed Soliday likens data centers to the Spruce Goose, the enormous wooden airplane Howard Hughes flew just once. “Everybody laughed at him,” says the Indiana state representative, “but it wasn’t the airplane where he made his money.” The big swing, he
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More Than Two Hands
Many fine mechanical watches are handmade to some extent. Expert craftsmen build delicate components into a tiny, ingenious machine, and artisans paint, carve, apply, and polish the elements you see on the outside. But Stephen Forsey of the esteemed
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Taxing the Wealth That’s Out of Reach
Democrats these days are throwing around plans for new and unprecedented taxes on wealth, financial transactions, capital gains, and inheritances. Tantalizing them are the trillions of dollars of wealth in the hands of the richest 0.1%, much of it es