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300 Gadgets That Will Upgrade Your Life
Power up any phone that supports Qi wireless charging (which is most wirelessly chargeable phones) and keep the screen in view. The RavPower 2 Coils stand provides up to 10W of power and really looks the part. £25, With seamless Siri and
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Samsung Q950r
Could this be the best TV that money can buy? Quite possibly. The Q950R is Samsung’s second-generation 8K TV, and it’s just about as advanced a set as we’ve ever seen. Using the Quantum Processor 8K and all its AI-enabled smarts, the Q950R shows off
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Amazon …ON THE FUTURE OF… Voice assistants
Eric King, General Manager, Amazon Alexa Europe, has been helping to grow Amazon’s voice services ever since it first opened the system up to developers, and has led the charge for growing the range of Alexa Skills and hardware partners for Amazon Vo