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Announcing the 2018 O. Henry Prize Stories

We are very happy to announce the O. Henry Prize Stories for 2018, edited by Laura Furman, which will appear in an eponymous anthology this September, from Anchor.

Lauren Alwan
“An Amount of Discretion,” The Southern Review

Jo Ann Beard
“The Tomb of Wrestling,” Tin House

Thomas Bolt
“Inversion of Marcia,” n+1

Marjorie Celona
“Counterblast,” The Southern Review

Youmna Chlala
Nayla,” Prairie Schooner

Dounia Choukri
“Past Perfect Continuous,” Chicago Quarterly Review

Viet Dinh
“Lucky Dragon,” Ploughshares

Anne Enright
‘Solstice,” The New Yorker

Brad Felver
“Queen Elizabeth,” One Story

Tristan Hughes
“Up Here,” Ploughshares

Dave King
“The Stamp Collector,” Fence

Jamil Kochai
“Nights in Logar,” A Public Space

Jo Lloyd
“The Earth, Thy Great Exchequer, Ready Lies,” Zoetrope

Michael Parker
Stop ‘n’ Go,” New England Review

Mark Jude Poirier
How We Eat,” Epoch

Michael Powers
“More or Less Like a Man,” The Threepenny Review

Lara Vapnyar
“Deaf and Blind,” The New Yorker

Stephanie A. Vega
“We Keep Them Anyway,” The Threepenny Review

Brenda Walker
“The Houses that Are Left Behind,” Kenyon Review

Jenny Zhang
Why Were They Throwing Bricks?,” n+1

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