History of War


 In publishing today, books need a hook, something to pull the reader from our glittery screen world into the tranquillity of print. What better hook than the warrior women of the ancient world? Amazons have got name recognition in their own

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History of War8 min read
Warships In The Age Of Sail
The warships of the world prior to the advent of steam power relied upon either the wind or on the muscles of oarsmen to power them forward. Within the relatively sheltered confines of the Mediterranean Sea, the war galley, propelled by banks of rowe
History of War1 min read
The Hussite Wars
In 15th-century Bohemia, part of the Holy Roman Empire, years of oppressive rule by the German minority led to a rise in Czech nationalism, coupled with resentment for the materialist nature of the Catholic clergy. Amid a papal schism, the reformist
History of War4 min read
Stridsvagn M/38 Tank
Most tanks in 1938-39 had vision slits cut into the armour plate. The advanced Stridsvagn m/38 tank used optical periscopes and vision ports with armoured covers that were fitted with bulletproof thick glass blocks to protect the driver’s eyes. The