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Normandy 17 June – 7 July 1944
In the Summer of 1944, the Allies captured and translated a German battlefield report written by Generalleutnant Freiherr (Baron) von Lüttwitz commander of 2 Panzer Division. This report was dated 14 July 1944 and covered the fighting between 17 June
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18th Century Grenadier’s Cap
Robert Parker (1666-1746) was a native of Kilkenny, Ireland, who ran away from home as a teenager to enlist in an independent infantry regiment. A Protestant, Parker was one of 4,000 soldiers who were dismissed from military service when the Catholic
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Honour On The Battlefield
Even during the climax of the bloodthirsty Sengoku era, the samurai were men of honour. Their commitment to formality and manners, even in the face of death, at times bordered on the surreal. Although Ieyasu wanted his general Fukushima Masanori to l