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“She’s got balls!” exclaimed the guy on a shortboard paddling next to me at a Dominican Republic reef pass, as Anna Santoro started scratching into an oversized set wave. It was one of the biggest swells of the season, and chunky overhead walls were hitting a shallow section and morphing into thick-lipped tubes that required ninja-like skills to knife into.

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Sal Masekela, 47
The act of surfing is about as musical as physical expression can be in sports. It’s rhythmic, and if you don’t have rhythm with the ocean, you won’t be able to surf—you have to have metronome in some way. I grew up playing music and when I first mov
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Returning To The Well
It was mid-morning in the sleepy Mexican village of Barra de la Cruz and the streets were empty, save for the occasional stray dog and surfboard-toting gringo, the latter surely on their way to the same nearby pointbreak that we were heading to. Jon
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Places We're Going, Places We've Been
“We’d all paid our dues at various frontiers,” wrote Southern California surfer Kevin Naughton in a dispatch from Africa published over the course of three issues of SURFER Magazine in 1975. Or was it Naughton’s traveling partner, Southern California