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“She’s got balls!” exclaimed the guy on a shortboard paddling next to me at a Dominican Republic reef pass, as Anna Santoro started scratching into an oversized set wave. It was one of the biggest swells of the season, and chunky overhead walls were hitting a shallow section and morphing into thick-lipped tubes that required ninja-like skills to knife into.

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The Iron Prince 2000
How to properly measure an air… Is it the sheer height of the thing? How about the amount of rotations? Maybe it’s a reverse. Back flip or front flip, even. You could look at how corked out it is, or how nasty the section cleared. Yeah, objectively,
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The Kids Of Queens
It was lunchtime on a hot August day in Waikiki and I was surrounded by a group of young longboarders—about a dozen or so teenagers with sun-bleached hair—at a mercifully-air-conditioned, if not particularly noteworthy otherwise, California Pizza Kit
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Scions Of Style
Zack Flores shaped his first surfboard when he was 10 years old. Ten! Imagine even wanting to do a thing like that at that age. Most 10-year-old kids think surfboards just come from the surfboard store—if they think about where they come from at all.