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10 Essential Interview Questions Every Working Mom Should Ask

Job interview

Have these questions ready at your next interview.

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Interviews can be nerve-racking experiences. It’s easy to get caught up in crafting the “perfect” response to the hiring manager’s questions that you forget to ask anything meaningful of your own.

However, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make during the job-search process. Interviewing is a two-way street that requires you, the candidate, to take an active role. It’s important to approach each job interview as though you are a consultant who is gathering information for a potential project, rather than a struggling actor who is auditioning for the role of “employee.”

The Q&A portion of the interview is tremendously valuable for a few reasons. First, when you ask thoughtful questions to each interviewer, you’re demonstrating your genuine interest in the opportunity. When all things are equal, the candidate who demonstrates a real passion for the work will land the job. Second, the more you learn about the open role and the pain points of your prospective boss, the easier it

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