Women's Health

Let’s Talk About Self-Care

Does looking at social media make you feel inferior? Turn it off. If you can’t turn it off, assess why.

SELF-CARE MAY BE the buzzword du jour, but like most trends, this isn’t its first go-round. Docs actually coined the term in the ’60s to describe basic healthy habits like sleep and exercise. But with the rise of social media—and marketers who co-opted the term—the concept is now synonymous with boutique fitness class memberships and costly spa days.

The drawback to that shift in tone: Instead of a path to better health, self-care is a goal in itself—a luxury destination that’s out of reach for many. That’s especially the afford to splash out can get caught in a different, but just as damaging, trap: There’s an underlying message that you need to do or buy all these things to feel worthwhile, so it’s a personal failure when you—inevitably—can’t keep up.

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