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Betty And Me
I had met Betty White a few times in passing, but once I started doing research for my book Golden Girls Forever I had a good excuse to sit down for an in-depth talk. At the time, Betty’s assistant was an older lady named Donna; they had been introdu
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What Happens in Vegas
WITH THE LATEST INCARnation of the CSI series, the forever-favorite forensics drama seems to have come full circle, with our cadaversleuthing characters (Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle, and David Hodges) returning to the place where it all started—Sin City.
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(p. 14) Clockwise from top right: Shayan Asgharnia; MAC Cosmetics; Illustration by Sean McCabe; Instagram/Ethan Peck; Paramount+ (p. 22) Clock wise from top right: RichFury/GettyImages; Pierre Suu/Getty Images; Instagram/The Late Show (4); Herb Ball/