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Beat the heat

The hottest days are upon us and here's how you can make the most of the season. Take your pick from our list of fun summer shopping ideas, quick getaways, board games, exquisite sorbets and more.

Luxury Beach Shack


The city's new tiki shack, KokoMMo is here to take your beach bumming to a whole new exciting level. From the house of InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, this new bar gives you the best of both worlds. While the shack vibe is complete with no-fuss seating, paper lanterns and a mini food truck setup for a kitchen, the meal is akin to fine dining without the accompanying formality.

A "curries and grills" concept dominates the menu, with Asian flavours and local favourites. There's deliciously fresh seafood off the coast and inventive bar snacks to nibble on. Start with a molaga podi baguette with spicy root and shoot vegetables for your crisps while you sip on a ginger and curry leaves martini-an inspired take on the classic.

From the grills section, the quail in traditional hunter style marinade with its tender meat, balanced spices and a hint of tang is a must-have, as are the slow cooked pork ribs. However, it is their yoghurt mustard grilled broccoli with a hint of garam masala and the mild zing of freshly ground mustard that is a sure winner.

The mains are generous portioned meals made of curries from the subcontinent and breads or rice. The meal ends with well-crafted desserts by the bay. As you sink your feet further in the sand and unwind, Our Take on the Affogato, a deconstructed version of

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