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365 project Part 1: Phone photography

OVER the next six issues, I’ll look at the process of undertaking a ‘365’ project (taking a daily photo for one year) – from planning and execution to all the tips and tricks you need for editing and sharing your work.

If I’ve learned one thing from doing a 365 project, it is

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Digital Camera World2 min read
1 Photograph Birds In Your Garden
The UK has many nature reserves from which to photograph a wide variety of birds (see page 52), but don’t underestimate how many colourful and photogenic birds you’ll encounter in your own garden. Robins, blue tits, blackbirds, chaffinches and sparro
Digital Camera World2 min read
Warrior 1 James Abbott
With urban portraits like this, the model’s style – their clothes, hair, make-up and accessories – in combination with the location make the image almost complete at the point of capture. Editing simply becomes the finishing touch that lifts the imag
Digital Camera World3 min read
Warrior 2 Jon Adams
This is a great portrait shot. What’s interesting is that it has the potential to go in all kinds of different directions, depending on the desired end use. The graffiti-strewn backdrop gives an edgy urban flavour to it, so it could work well as a co