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365 project Part 1: Phone photography

OVER the next six issues, I’ll look at the process of undertaking a ‘365’ project (taking a daily photo for one year) – from planning and execution to all the tips and tricks you need for editing and sharing your work.

If I’ve learned one thing from doing a 365 project, it is

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Digital Camera World3 min read
A Frican Good Time
We’d been sat in our Toyota Hilux, still as statues, for five full minutes. Those 300 seconds felt like an eternity, as the elephant paced towards us. We’d come face to face with the bull, blocking our path. We were in his way, so now he was agitated
Digital Camera World2 min read
Shoot The Moon
One of the best times to shoot the moon is before and into twilight, as it’s easier to expose for the landscape as opposed to shooting it under a pitch-black sky. Use an app like PhotoPills or The Photographer’s Ephemeris to plan out where the moon i
Digital Camera World2 min read
How To Capture The Milky Way
Planning is absolutely critical; more study is required than people realise. You need to know the moon phases and your twilights, and it also pays dividends to know the orientation of the Milky Way at each given time of year, as this can have a detri