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Social engagement

Being shared by other accounts can help grow your following

Love it or hate it, social media is one of the most powerful tools for getting your work seen, building a community and gaining new customers. But with competition for attention nearing saturation point and so many different platforms, it is easy to waste your time online.

The social media landscape

For a number of years, Flickr was the go-to online platform for photographers and visual creatives; it was a fantastic source of community and inspiration. Aside from its 1TB of free storage, one of the major strengths of Flickr was that it took the support-group feel of photography forums and provided a gallery-style layout that let the images take centre stage. The ability to upload full and hi-resolution samples made Flickr an ideal platform to pixel peep

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Final Analysis
It is of note that Martha Holmes, not a name as well known as it should be, was born in Kentucky. The American South of 1923 she was born into was a deeply divided and segregated society. A photographer, she began her education in art at the Universi