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Also Out Now
By Craig McDean, £85, 208 pages, Rizzoli Publications, hardback, ISBN 978-0-8478-6620-5 Craig McDean's world is literally cars and girls. A former car mechanic, he put down his wrench and picked up his camera to make a huge impact in the world of fa
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Six Great Luts To Try
Most of the LUTs in are named after stars, which is a bit random, but you can easily see the effect on your image by hovering your mouse over the LUT's name in the Lightroom Profile Browser. Hydrobius gives lush, rich dense colours and warm
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Tony Ray-Jones
It’s weird to think that the images of Tony Ray-Jones were once considered ‘exotic’. Looking at them now, the above image for example, Jones’s work fits exactly into the model of what we would think of when asked to consider the aesthetic of post-war