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Focal points

Anti-flicker shooting

Flicker from fluorescent and other artificial lighting is detected by the camera, and the shutter action is timed to minimise

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Mirrorless Motoring
I converted from Canon to Sony around a year ago. Ultimately, there were two deciding factors for me. First, I wanted a mirrorless camera system and secondly Sony launched its impressive 400mm f/2.8 lens. This lens demonstrated Sony's commitment to c
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Viewpoint Jon Bentley
I was pondering this subject at a London exhibition of Theo Simpson's pictures from the Jerwood Photoworks Awards earlier this year. They're impressively elemental works combining abstract photography and distinctive materials. For me, one stood out
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The Therapist’s View
AP What are the biggest ways in which photography can help people with mental health issues, particularly those with depression and anxiety disorders? SC Photography makes us stop and observe for that period of time – being present in that current