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Viewpoint Tracy Calder

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention. It sounds simple, but the reality is quite different. Let's take reading this week's issue of AP, for example. Having secured your copy from a newsagent, supermarket, dog's jaws – you sit down for a quiet read when numerous thoughts

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Amateur Photographer3 min read
Try, Try And Try Again
The Rugby World Cup is unfolding in Japan as we speak and top Getty Images rugby photographer Dave Rogers is there capturing the action. He spoke to AP before he left. ‘This World Cup should be great, and asJapan has never hosted one before, quite a
Amateur Photographer10 min read
Photo Disasters And How To Avoid Them
The camera slipped out of my hand… my hard drive broke… and it was then I realised all my kit was halfway down the cliff. We’ve all had our share of mishaps and accidents when it comes to taking photographs. What are embarrassing and painful moments
Amateur Photographer2 min read
Viewpoint Claire Gillo
There are some images you look at and you think, yes this is great I LOVE it. It's easy to know why, as you're instantly connected to the subject, and visually the image ticks all the boxes, with the technical expertise being blindingly obvious. Ther