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Source:   A stable tripod is a handy accessory to have when out and about  

The chemical bothers

Much as I admire great darkroom skills, it's imperative to consider the disposal of noxious chemicals after printing or film processing. I don't doubt that Tim Rudman is totally environmentally friendly when it comes to chemical waste disposal. But I was disappointed that no advice about it was given in his article on toning ( AP 18 November). In the initial excitement of developing film and printing black & white photos in the late 1970s, I

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WHEN Brian Griffin was 35, he won a Design and Art Direction award for his work on the Depeche Mode album cover A Broken Frame. Ever the eccentric, he decided to collect his award dressed as the Royal Albert Hall. Griffin's photographic career began
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Space And The Digital Camera
The Apollo11 landing would not have been possible without a completed and detailed survey of the surface of the moon. This was achieved using series of surveying satellites with a camera system that had two lenses arranged in co-axial system so that
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The First Camera On The Moon
Strange as it might now seem, during the early days of space exploration, photography wasn't considered important. The first man in space was Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin who circled the Earth during a 108-minute flight on12 April1961. A weird stop