While choosing a quality beer for your guests is essential, you also need to make sure you serve it correctly. For a start, it needs) explains: “The perfect cask beer should be served between 11 and 13°C, while keg beers and lagers would normally be served between 4 and 7°C, in nucleated glasses to promote head formation.”

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Cruising along on a lengthy road trip is more enjoyable when you’re listening to music, and this admittedly rather old-school approach turns your phone’s Bluetooth output into an FM signal that any car radio can lock on to. Retuning is simple too. £1
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At-home aromatherapy is perfect for those moments when you need to regroup, and it’s simple to do with this essential oil diffuser. Change the light to create a specific ambiance in your room, then use the built-in soothing sounds to help you relax f
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Editor’s Letter
I doubt I’m alone in feeling that moving on from 2019 and into 2020 is a good time for something of a fresh start – even more so than most year changeovers. Exactly what we each might want to do to rejuvenate ourselves is obviously personal to us, bu