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I recommend that all of you play me at poker — in fact, any game with a stake. If you hear I’m involved, buy in, as I am completely rubbish and greatly admire the patience and technical skill required to succeed in such pursuits. I once won at the races: I put £20 on a horse at 20-1; I liked the colours and the name, and I got lucky. What followed can only be described as a momentous thrill that addicts chase for the rest of their lives, risking — and often

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The Rake2 min read
The Documenters Karl-Edwin Guerre
by tom chamberlin “Can the shoot highlight the family element of the two of them? Don’t make it too serious, it’s not like them, let them be playful with one another and juxtapose what they are wearing.” This was (more or less) the brief I gave Karl-
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‘I Think What You’ve Grown Up Without Defines You Rather Than What You’ve Grown Up With’
by tom chamberlin It would be unusual for anyone involved in the making of this magazine not to have their interest piqued by the opportunity to interview the first person to make a purchase at the Anderson & Sheppard Haberdashery. That man, John Dem
The Rake8 min read
Paradise Found
An island named after an insect infestation is surely no one’s first idea of paradise. Yet since the 1960s, Mustique has been just that: a privately owned, reassuringly inaccessible castaway retreat for the jet set. This tiny landmass in the Caribbea