Amateur Photographer

Remembering dad

I was interested to see your recent feature ( AP 2 June) because I recently inherited my father's Canon T50 SLR (with flashgun and 50mm lens). It may not classify as vintage butseeing my dad when he was young has been a real gift. I would like to encourage people not to leave it till it's too late to share those photographic memories when they can be fully enjoyed, because it doesn't matter what equipment is used or if the shots aren't perfect, it's recording that moment forever that's important. This is why I really like photography – because it's capturing memories. And as we've lost loved ones (people and pets) over the years, our photographs have become more treasured, whether printed or digitally stored. Although I strive to take better photographs, I take/keep shots that others would probably delete because they aren't perfect. But perfection isn't important to me; the subject is.

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