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Camping gear to make the Great Outdoors slightly more comfortable

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Camping Gear

Camping is amazing, but sleeping on cold, hard dirt? Eating energy bars and dried fruit for 3 days? Let's not go overboard here.

Glen Jackson via Unsplash

When packing for a camping trip, there are a lot of things to remember. Miss one and you can be shivering. Or hungry. Or wet. Or (heaven forbid) all three. If you aren't worried about making your trek as light as possible, bring some gear with you to make the cold, hard ground feel a little cushier, or a power bank to provide a couple extra hours for your Bluetooth speaker.

Below, camping items that check the boxes for items you need and want for a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor adventure.

LaidBack Memory Foam Sleeping Pad

LaidBack Memory Foam Sleeping Pad.


The LaidBack sleeping pad includes four pounds of memory foam, has a cool flow technology to help balance your body temperature, and is 72 inches thick. In total, the sleeping pad weighs 8.5 pounds. This isn’t the lightest pad you can find, and is thus not awesome for backpackers or other hikers obsessed with keeping their , but will provide more cushion for a comfortable rest. The polyester fabric casing makes the pad more durable and water resistant—not waterproof. There is a soft polar fleece layer on top for extra comfort and warmth. .

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