3 Cake Recipes To Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth

If you want cake but don't feel like baking on a hot summer day, chef Kathy Gunst has three cake recipes — only one of which uses the oven.
Chef Kathy Gunst's sour cream lemon bundt cake. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

If you want cake but don’t feel like baking (or baking much) on a hot summer day, Here & Now resident chef Kathy Gunst has three cake recipes — only one of which involves firing up the oven. She shares samples with host Robin Young.

When the days are hot and the humidity is rising, who feels like baking?

Well, I do.

Here are three summer cakes: one is a traditional baked cake (a lemony sour cream Bundt cake that is excellent served with summer berries), one is a nostalgic chocolate refrigerator cake and one is a refreshing layered ice cream cake.

Chocolate-Strawberry Whipped Cream Refrigerator Roll

Did you grow up with that famous refrigerator cake? The one made by layering chocolate wafers with whipped cream? My mother-in-law, Nancy Rudolph, used to make this cake for

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