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other combatant nation employed bicycles and motorcycles on such a large scale as the Third Reich. As part of Germany’s arsenal, motorcycles and bicycles served a variety of functions – couriers, reconnaissance, medical evacuation, for delivering hot meals to the front line, as assault shock troops, and even as tank destroyers. As Germany’s military planned to spread the Nazi domain by fire and steel, numerous bicycle brands and over 300 different makes of motorcycles were already in production, yet only a select few were chosen by the Wehrmacht in its war of conquest. Among those motorcycles were the vaunted BMW and the

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Nobunaga And The Monks
By the 16th century, Japan's Buddhist warrior monks had amassed great wealth, influence and power. Chief among them were the Ikko-ikki, or ‘single minded’ sect. Self-governing, the Ikko rejected any outside interference, even driving a constable out
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Wwii This Month… October 1939
6 October returned from On , recently a conquered Warsaw, Adolf Hitler made an appeal of peace to Britain and France. In his speech at the Reichstag the Fuhrer continued to justify the invasion of Poland as an act of defence, and declared his wish to
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Land Of The Rising Gun
In 1543 a powerful typhoon blew a Chinese junk off course, washing it onto the subtropical coast of Tanegashima – an island just off the southernmost tip of Japan, ruled by the Shimazu clan. The three Portuguese merchants aboard stepped out, onto a c