The Melting Pot

While some might equate Israeli food with “Jewish food,” the fact is that the cuisine, and the country, is far more diverse than that: In addition to world-class kosher offerings, you might be surprised to learn that nonkosher options abound. Israeli food is like its people: a truly modern mash-up of ethnicities and viewpoints. There are restaurants serving Libyan spicy fish, North African shakshouka, Turkish shawarma, and platters heaped with Middle Eastern

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Renaissance Man
If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life, or so people claim. But for Dave Dawson, a former NFL wide receiver, it seems to be a matter of fact. In the years since his football career ended, the California native has poured his passi
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Paradise Found
Once upon a time, Guy Laliberté was a street performer, playing the accordion and walking on stilts for whatever passersby would throw into his hat. Then in 1984, he cofounded Cirque du Soleil as a one-year project with the help of a contract from th
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Journey To Le Mans
I have driven faster. But so has my copilot. So much faster that most of you would be blubbing like small children poked in the eye with a stick. Pleading to slow down to the point where the world made sense again. It’s Le Mans 2019. Famed racing dri